April 16th

And so, because it was the Jewish Day of Preparation, and the tomb was nearby, they laid Jesus there. (John 19:42)

"There is community in preparing. There is inherent hope in preparing. There is joy in preparing. Some of my favorite Sanctuary moments have been working together to prepare something big. Community art, collaborative worship, camp. The anticipation, the buzz of ideas, the passion, the connection, the troubleshooting, the conversation, the doing, the hope - it’s life.

This passage points to a very specific moment of preparation. One that does not readily inspire the same welcomed imagery. 

We are planted in the holy time right after a death. The in-between Saturday. We can sense the grief, the deep sadness, the uncertainty in this moment of very particular preparation.

I am brought back to the sacred moments we spent with my dad right before he died of cancer. Preparing together for his departure from this world. Preparing for the cultural customs we share in those times. There is grief. There is deep sadness. There is uncertainty.


What stands out in my memory is a deeply felt connection to my dad and to my family. 

What stands out in my memory is the ease with which we had the most difficult conversations, filled with equal parts tears and joy-filled laughter. 

What stands out in my memory is the community of people who carried us forward in our preparing. People whom we know and love, and people whom we had just met.

What stands out in my memory is an intuitive feeling of gratitude, a deeply felt fullness of life, and of continuing.  

Could it be that the overwhelming emotion in this most sacred time of preparation be something other than sadness? 

Is it deep love? Is it connection, closeness and community? Is it hope? Is it new life? Yes. It’s all those things. Amen."

May we know love, connection and hope in midst of our darkest moments, and trust in the new life revealed in Jesus.

Written By
Jacey Glass
Jacey looks forward to morning coffee (always with cream), good conversation, long walks with her family’s yellow lab Bailey, and the occasional day when she can sleep in. She’s a mom of 3 awesome boys who do a really good job of sharing their mom with everyone at Sanctuary as our Director of Youth and Family Ministry.

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